AONOSI – Creating eBay Listings Workflow

While Adding new products or Creating new listings to our eBay store is the key to get the growth, store ranking, and trust, it’s also the fastest way to destroy the store selling performance if the listing process is not practiced precisely and carefully with strict self-control and concentration.

So we confined, created and keep updating this Listing Workflow to make your Listing Task clearly, easy & quickly to follow & tracking your work.


  1. You must follow exactly all the information and steps mentioned in this post to create and maintain the listings.
    Any practices which are different or not mentioned in this post are not allowed except they are authorized by your manager and updated into this workflow.
  2. You must strictly Remember & Follow

    ALL the below eBay Listing Practice & Search Manipulation to ensure every listing you created is qualified for eBay standard for a product listing. (See more detail examples below for some examples of real practice cases)

    • Product Title must exactly describe what it is, quantity and used for. Every keyword using in the title must have in product features, specs
    • Product Title must be easy to read and understand, not confuse buyers. DO NOT Spam keyword in a confusing way or making the title hard to read.
    • Product Title must NOT contain special symbols eg: ™, ♥, ½, °,…
    • Know exactly what kind, categories of products you are creating.
      Never put 2 brand name in the title of a product, except It is a Part or an Accessory for a product or line of products of specific brands. In this case, Product Title must have “For” or “Fits” before the compatible brands
    • Product Category must be selected carefully, matches the item for sale. Wrong Category selection would be gotten punishment from eBay.
    • DO NOT try to trick or circumvent the Rules, Policies in any way when creating titles, categories, descriptions, Photos.
  3. Keep focus, be smart and know what you are listing. “Trigger” your own filter system, DO NOT list any items in the list below.
    If you do not know or understand exactly any categories below, do google research or ask your manager. Do not skim through and ignore anything below without remembering & understanding all of them

    Prohibited & Restricted Categories List: 

    1. Adult items:
      • Sex toys, Fetish items, and accessories
      • Any items contain nudity sexual content
    2. Alcohol products or products contain alcohol eg: wine, beer, …
    3. Animals and wildlife products. Animal Traps:
      • Any product that originated from Animals, wildlife like Fur, body, bone, …
      • Bear traps, Steel-jaw leghold traps.
    4. Artifacts, cultural heritage, and grave-related
    5. Any catalytic converter
    6. Digitally delivered goods, eg: eBook, photos, Software key license, …
    7. Drugs or any Products contain Drugs and drug paraphernalia. Except for supplements.
    8. Electronic and surveillance devices Policies:
      • GPS and other signal jamming devices
      • Satellite TV descrambler
      • Surveillance products: wiretap devices or telephone bugs
    9. Any kind of Firearms, weapons, and knives (except chief, survival/Outdoor knives)
    10. Hazardous, Combustible, Explosive, Flares, Fire extinguishers
    11. Pesticides and poison products
    12. Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare
    13. Police-related items
    14. Used items



  1. Equipment & Offline Tools:

    • A Clean computer which is not infected by viruses, malware, … This also makes your work more efficient and faster
    • A good internet connection
    • Chrome browser
    • An Office tools kit like MS Office, OpenOffice or Google Docs
    • A Built-in dictionary, Google translate, Google Search skill for product research when you have no info or your knowledge about an item or keyword is limited
  2. Online tools (Free or provided):

    • Priceyak listing tool
    • USA IP VPN, which allowed you to search and see eBay product in the US or research products on some retailer websites only accept visitors in the US
  3. Preparing yourself:

    • Eager to learn everything, not mind learning, not afraid of difficulty. Always ready for communication & discussion, ask for manager permission, team agreement before doing or deploying anything new.
    • Know how to balance your own life and work. Learning time management, create an appropriate plan for your current study, your full-time / Part-time work so they’d not negatively affected each other or your health.
    • Any of your wrong practices cause bad consequences to the company, finance or business model may result in action alter/dock a part of your wages, or all of the wages and terminate benefits or contract if serious issues arise.


  1. Fetching products from provided source and select Appropriate listing policies

    1. Get product links/ Item ID/ ASIN from your Report Worksheet, you should take 50 or less ASIN each time to ensure less error arise.
    2. Go to Priceyak listing tool
    3. Select “Source Market” match with the market the items come from and Paste the product links/ Item ID/ ASIN into the large text box below
      note that you are only allowed to list products come from 1 supplier each time. 
    4. Select appropriate Business Policies/Profile exactly match:

      1. Shipping Profile:
        • Amazon: 2H, 3S, GSP
        • Samsclub: 3H, 5S, NO GSP
        • Others: 3H, 5S, GSP
      2. Payment Profile: Main (
      3. Return Profile: 30d return, REPLACEMENT
    5. Click “Review and List”, and wait for the fetching process complete. Once complete, the “Review” buttons appear, Click on the button of the first product. (Each fetching turn is called a “Batch“, batches are numbered for easy checking or tracking later)
  2. Check if the product is Allowed to list

    1. Scroll down to the middle of listing page to see if there is an Error appear in red, likes: This listing is a duplicate of an existing listing, VERO brand, …
      If so, Click on “Reject” button to reject the product and go to the next item
    2. Ensure the product is not one of the prohibited or restricted categories which is not allowed to list on eBay.
      • If the product is not from a familiar category, recheck deeper by searching in the restricted list or google
      • If not satisfied, Reject the item
  3. Description: Revise & Optimize

    • Remove all repetitive info appear in all product description from the supplier
          eg: the text bullet “Make sure this fits. by entering your model number.” exist in all Amazon items should be deleted
    • Remove all supplier contact info, eg: Phone Number, Email, Website if exist
    • Remove all Warranty info
    • Separate the main Description into Multi paragraphs if it’s too long to read
    • If the original main description has complicated formats (Priceyak combine All the texts into a very long paragraph), Just follow these steps:
      • Remove the too long description, add 3 new lines
      • Go to the source link
      • Copy description
      • Paste into the Priceyak description using the option “Paste & Match Style” . Then delete some empty lines for a better look

  4. Title Quick Building

    1. Title Structure:

      [Adjective] + [MAIN KEYWORD]+ For [ Purpose/Usage]

      • Main Keyword: Shortest keyword, formed of 2-3 words describe exactly what the product is & have the highest search volume on Search Engines
      • Adjective:
        • They are Sub-Keywords
        • Combined with the Main Keyword to form longtail keywords which have less search volume than the main keyword
        • If you focus on them & add good search volume, Niche sub-keywords  are less used by other sellers, you’ll drive good buyer traffic to your listing which is one of the main keys for sale growth
        • Should be: Famous Brand | Quantity, Color, Size | Features | Components
      • Purpose/Usage: For who? for what? for which activities?
        • They are essentially the Sub-keywords as the above definition
        • Because they are Nouns, you can use put them before the main keyword like the adjectives
      • Some Examples:
        • Common forms:
          Mega Marbles 24 Pcs 1″ SHOOTER MARBLES for Games Vase Fish Aquarium Decoration
        • Purpose/Usage sub-keywords before the main-keyword:
          3/4″x12′ Gasoline Kerosene Petroleum Oil Diesel Fuel Hose Static Wire Inner Tube
    2. Title Building:
      1. Requirement:
        • Capitalize the first letter of words
        • Delete all dots, commas, dashes for space saving
        • Try to maximize title length up to 80 characters, fill up as much useful and quality keywords as possible.
        • Conform Strictly the Selling Practice & Search Manipulation requirements
      2. Use Cases:
        1. If Amazon/Supplier Title has enough or exceeds 80-characters, just modify & optimize it.
        2. If Amazon/Supplier Title is shorter than 75-80 characters title:
          1. Finding Keyword in Description:
            • Finding Keyword in “Package includes
            • Finding the Main keyword in the first sentence or last sentences of the main description. Skim the noun phrase behind of “this” or “the
            • eg: “Put an end to unnecessary energy consumption in your home with this easy-to-install mechanical wall switch timer. The standard white twist-dial switch matches perfectly with a wide range of household décor and can be set to automatically shut off any switch-controlled device within 60 minutes or less, eliminating worries about unintended wastefulness.”
          2. If the description/bullets are too short or you cannot find in any more keywords in the description:
            • Go to Supplier Link and navigate the Customer Review or Similar product area, you can pick up some keywords from buyers or similar products sold by other sellers or brands
            • Using eBay or Amazon search box, Type your main keyword inside, A list of suggestion keyword buyer usually search will appear. Just take what match the item you are listing
            • Use some tools that suggest keywords like,
          3. Prepare some keywords for some popular subjects:
            • Kitchen: Kitchen Gadget Cooking Tool Home
            • Toy: Kid Baby Boy Girl Birthday Gift
            • Storage, box: Organizer Box Rack Shelf Cabinet Chest
  5. Category

    1. Copy the ASIN right above the category box
    2. Search the copied ASIN in your Report Worksheet, Navigate the ASIN row, Click on the eBay similar item link to open in new tab
    3. Click on the found item to go into that listing
    4. Navigate the item category, click on the category link
    5. Look at the Chrome URL bar, Navigate and copy the Category ID
    6. Paste the copied Category ID into Priceyak
    7. Paste the copied Category ID into the “Category ID” column of the ASIN List report (the cell is right beside eBay similar the item link you just clicked).
      Because you just located the beside cell before (get Category ID), Use Tab or  button for faster locating the cell then paste
  6. Click Approve to go to the next product, Repeat works from Step III for all other product until all listings being published

  7. Once Done, Save successful eBay Item ID & ASIN/Source Item ID

    1. Export Successful listings
      • Come back to the batch page you just done,
      • Filter by “Successful
      • Click “Export CSV
    2. Save  Item ID &ASIN/Source Item ID into your Report Worksheet
      • Open exported CSV file you just downloaded
      • Paste =TEXT(Z2,”0”) into the cell AA2
      • Paste/Clone the formula from AA2 to the Last Item ID Row to Convert all eBay Item ID from Z column into Text
      • Copy & Paste the Item IDASIN/Source Item ID (AA & AG columns) into   Columns of your Report Worksheet  (Combine below the last row)


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